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A social media agency built for gaming and esports

We craft the copy of your social media posts to make it more impactful and engaging.

We create native content that your audience will want to consume, so that you can meet your goals.

We run social ads contextual to the platform and the target so it converts more.

About Us Social agency
After a few years doing social media for game publishers, I decided to create the social media agency I would have loved to work with.
In order to do that, we are 100% focused on social media to make sure everything we produce is best for each platform it is intended.
From social media management, social ads and to video production, we are intentional in our choices to make the best out of it for our clients.

Dedicated to gaming

We’ve dedicated to work exclusively with gaming or esports brands, because that’s where our experience and expertise are.

Emission Service Apres Gank
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Video Production

Show: Service après Gank

Aftermovie Finale Worlds
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Video Production

Aftermovie: League of Legends Worlds finals

Video doublage Pantheon
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Video Production

Pantheon voice over behind the scenes