Photo credit: Elliot Le Corre

An epic video for an epic finish

The Open Tour finals concluded a year of fierce competition, in Disneyland Paris.

It was a moment to celebrate the end of the competitive year with activities and the “Match des Légendes”, but mostly to see which team will be France champions. Spoilers: Vitality Academy won.

To keep the memory alive, we worked with Riot Games France on the aftermovie of the Open Tour Finals.

We’ve decided to focus on the Shemek (Vitality Academy toplaner) and Tonerre (GamersOrigin midlaner) rivalry, since they were old teammates competing against each other for the trophee.


November 2018


Riot Games


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Video Production

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Aftermovie: League of Legends Worlds finals

Video doublage Pantheon
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Pantheon voice over behind the scenes

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