Social media consulting mission

Prodigy Agency is a leading esports representation agency. They represent top players like ZywOo, Shox, mixwell and many more.

The number of new players signing with Prodigy is growing fast and so is the demand in terms of social media support.

For 6 months, we worked with Prodigy Agency to help them structure and scale the social media efforts they offer to their represented players.


January to June 2020


Prodigy Agency

Consulting Social Media 3K ELO Prodigy Agency

The consulting mission included:

  • A complete social media audit of all processes, tools and organization of the team, followed up by actionable advices
  • The creation of a complete social media guide for pro players
  • Providing social media best practices
  • A social media ads training and oversee the execution of the first campaign
  • An update to social media reports templates
  • The creation of a Social Media Manager job description
“Working with 3K ELO is a real pleasure. Their expertise and precious advices are helping us on our daily marketing activities.”
Jérôme Coupez
CEO of Prodigy Agency


Valorant community trailer 3K ELO
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Video Production

Valorant community trailer

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Consulting: Prodigy Agency

Service après Gank Riot Games 3K ELO
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Video Production

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Valorant community trailer
Show: Service après Gank