Know everything about League of Legends changes

League of Legends is updated every two weeks, sometimes in a big way. It’s great to keep the game fresh, but it can sometimes be a bit hard to keep pace.

Hopefully, Riot Games is sharing all the changes in a patch notes, but they can be very long and complicated.

Introducing the “Service après Gank“: a 10-minute fun and easy to watch video recap, including all the important things you care about each update: balance changes, new champions, new skins, game modes, etc.


April 2019 – In Progress


Riot Games

With time, the show grew and became more than just a video version of the patch notes: it’s a great venue to share news about the League of Legends, feature user generated content and give a voice to Riot Games France team.

We’ve also developed some storytelling elements: the hosts have their own personality and humor and each episode starts with a fun short story.

Each Service après Gank episode is published on YouTube. We also create short teasers to post on social media so all players know when it is online and they can watch.

We’ve produced more than 30 episodes (and counting) and we couldn’t be happier about the community sentiment on the series.


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Valorant community trailer

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Show: Service après Gank

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