Leveraging community content

Valorant is Riot Games‘ take on tactical FPS, with unique abilities characters.

After a few weeks of closed beta, Riot Games France wanted to create a piece of content to celebrate the end of the closed beta, the release of the game, but most importantly: their players.

We decided to create a game trailer, but to use the best plays of the community as footage to feature them.


May 2020


Riot Games

To collect the best community plays, Riot Games France posted the form on Twitter: we’ve received more than 450 entries in 4 days. More than enough to create a kickass trailer.

The video being for social media only, we chose a square format to maximize visibility in the feed while also keeping important elements of the game on the screen.

The video was a great success on Twitter:

  • More than 115K views
  • More than 600 replies

Important to note: the project had no ads budget, everything was organic.

Players featured in the video loved it and were proud to be included in an official Valorant video. Other players loved the video too and were hyped as hell for the game to finally release.


Valorant community trailer 3K ELO
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Video Production

Valorant community trailer

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Consulting: Prodigy Agency

Service après Gank Riot Games 3K ELO
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Video Production

Show: Service après Gank

Consulting: Prodigy Agency